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Gartner признала Oracle одними из лидеров Магического квадранта «Инструменты интеграции данных»

14 января 2013 В четвертый раз независимая исследовательская компания Gartner признала Oracle одними из лидеров Магического квадранта «Инструменты интеграции данных». В Компании заявляют, что победа обусловлена комплексными и простыми в эксплуатации технологиями интеграции данных, которые поддерживают работу с данными в гетерогенных системах. (Новость опубликована на английском языке)
According to Gartner, “Leaders in the data integration tool market are frontrunners in the convergence of single-purpose tools into an offering that supports a range of data delivery styles. These vendors are strong in the more traditional data integration patterns. They also support newer patterns and provide capabilities that enable data services in the context of SOA. Leaders have significant mind share in the market, and resources skilled in their tools are readily available. These vendors establish market trends, to a large degree, by providing new functional capabilities in their products, and by identifying new types of business problems to which data integration tools can bring significant value. Examples of deployments that span multiple projects and types of use cases are common among Leaders' customers.”

Gartner continued, “The data integration tool market continues to fulfill enterprise-scale requirements, while project-oriented, rapid deployments have increased. Demands emphasize comprehensive data delivery, support of emergent analytics and big data, synergy across data management, and quality customer experience.”

Oracle delivers pervasive and continuous access to timely and accurate data across heterogeneous systems through the industry’s most complete and open set of data integration products.

Oracle Data Integration products, including Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Enterprise Data Quality and Oracle Data Services Integrator, help customers reduce IT costs and risk, while achieving faster time to value in connecting heterogeneous operational and analytical systems.

These products help customers to maximize value out of their high-velocity data and transform their business by offering industry leading solutions in new technology spaces such as Fast Data, Big Data, and Cloud computing.

Oracle Data Integration products are components of Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Source:  oracle.com


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