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Oracle – одни из лидеров Магического квадранта Гартнера в сфере систем управления базами данных для Хранилищ Данных

12 февраля 2013 Компания Gartner назвала Oracle одними из лидеров Магического квадранта по СУБД для Хранилищ Данных. В Компании уверены, что данное признание свидетельствует о превосходной функциональности решения Oracle Exadata Database Machine и таких интегрированных утилит для работы с Большими Данными, как Big Data Appliance и Big Data Connectors. (Новость опубликована на английском языке)
According to Gartner, vendors in the Leaders quadrant, “demonstrate the greatest support for data warehouses of all sizes, with large numbers of concurrent users and management of mixed data warehousing workloads. These vendors lead in data warehousing by consistently demonstrating customer satisfaction and strong support, as well as longevity in the data warehouse DBMS market, with strong hardware alliances. Hence, Leaders also represent the lowest risk for data warehouse implementations, in relation to, among other things, performance as mixed workloads, database sizes and complexity increase. Additionally, the market's maturity demands that Leaders maintain a strong vision for the key trends of the past year: mixed-workload management for end-user service-level satisfaction and data volume management. Finally, Leaders have the ability to align their messaging, product placement and pricing models to support both traditional data warehousing practices and emerging practices for distributed processing, data virtualization, metadata management and dynamic optimization, which are essential for the logical data warehouse and big data to become the ‘new normal.’ Importantly, with so many Leaders aligned with our current criteria, the scale of differentiation will shift even more strongly in coming years toward combining structured and unstructured analytics, support for external files and processing, and the ability to support a diverse set of end-user applications via metadata and performance auditing and tuning.”

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine is at the core of Oracle’s data warehouse offering that also includes components such as Oracle Database, Oracle Advanced Analytics, Oracle OLAP, Oracle Big Data Appliance and industry-specific Data Models. Together, these solutions provide Oracle’s customers with the most complete, fast, reliable and cost-effective platform for data warehousing, big data and business analytics.

Oracle Exadata Database Machine delivers game-changing performance, compression and availability for Oracle Data Warehouses.

Source:  oracle.com


Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse Database Management SystemsПолный отчет Gartner на английском языке