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Новый продукт Informatica Cloud MDM

14 сентября 2012
Новый продукт Informatica Cloud MDM
12 сентября компания Informatica, мировой лидер в области решений по интеграции данных, анонсировала доступность своего нового продукта - Informatica Cloud MDM, целью которого является улучшение качества данных о клиентах для компаний, работающих с ресурсом salesforce.com. Данное решение и новые технологические преимущества, полученные при приобретении компании Data Scout Solutions Group Limited, усиливают позиции Informatica на рынке облачной интеграции данных и управления мастер-данными (Новость опубликована на английском языке).
With the explosive growth of data in cloud computing and CRM systems, organizations must have a 360-degree view of their clients in order to stay a step ahead of the competition,said Girish Pancha, chief product officer, Informatica.To achieve this complete picture of an organizations customers’ data must be pulled together from enterprise applications, cloud applications and third-party data providers for business and IT. With the acquisition of Data Scout and the availability of Informatica Cloud MDM, we accelerated our roadmap to deliver the cleansing, matching, de-duplication and enrichment technology required to gain the greatest value from these data assets.

Informatica Cloud MDM Benefits
Informatica Cloud MDM can increase the value of an organization’s customer relationship management (CRM) investment with better lead conversion, customer targeting and cross-sell outcomes. Informatica Cloud MDM is a native Force.com solution, which is fully integrated with salesforce.com and deployed in the cloud, with no need to install additional hardware or software. Additionally Informatica Cloud MDM can help organizations:
  • Increase sales productivity with more complete and accurate account and opportunity data.
  • Improve customer service and increase cross-sell by understanding all aspects of the customer relationship.
  • Drive higher marketing return on investment with accurate segmentation and campaign delivery.
  • Track opportunities through the sales cycle and across territories and divisions.
  • Manage account hierarchies to gain visibility into the real value of each customer.
  • Extend customer information with third-party data for additional account insight.
Informatica Cloud MDM Features
Informatica Cloud MDM is a multitenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) MDM application, natively built and deployed on Force.com. With Informatica Cloud MDM, organizations are able to:
  • Cleanse, standardize and enrich customer information.
    • Data standardization, address validation and email verification can ensure that data stays clean and reliable at all times.
    • Customer information is augmented with additional data from third-party data providers such as Bloomberg, data.com and Thomson Reuters.
  • Eliminate and prevent duplicate and inconsistent data.
    • Accounts, contacts and opportunities residing within a single Salesforce instance or across multiple Salesforce instances are matched and consolidated to build the complete and authoritative view of the customer, for sales, marketing and service staff to give each customer the best experience and maximize team productivity.
    • Interactive duplicate check controls seamlessly integrated with the Salesforce user interface to proactively prevent duplicate data from being entered.
  • Integrate critical enterprise data.
    • Informatica Cloud MDM enables a complete view of the customer by integrating important data such as billing information, service tickets and financial data from other enterprise and cloud applications into the CRM environment.
  • Manage and view account hierarchies.
    • Informatica Cloud MDM manages and displays a consolidated view of customer hierarchies across multiple instances of Salesforce and other enterprise systems, giving customer-facing teams a single, accurate view of the value of each customer relationship.
Extends Informatica Leadership in Cloud Data Integration, Data Quality and MDM
  • Informatica Cloud MDM takes advantage of Informatica Cloud data integration, which was honored by salesforce.com customers for the fourth year in a row with the AppExchange Best of Award for Integration, to provide broad connectivity to other cloud and on-premise systems including SAP, Oracle and NetSuite.
  • Informatica Cloud’s integration platform-as–a-service (iPaaS) capabilities enable users to create their own, easy-to-use integration applications in the cloud that can now include data mastered by Informatica Cloud MDM.
  • Informatica Cloud, Informatica Data Quality and Informatica MDM, part of the Informatica Platform, supports roles across both business and IT to ensure closer collaboration in handling all types of data-intensive projects and can be used together by customers with complex and large scale “Hybrid IT” environments.
With the increasing popularity of cloud-based CRM applications, companies are looking to MDM as the solution to reconcile customer data across cloud based and on-premise enterprise applications,said John Radcliffe, Research Vice President, Gartner.And those organizations who have embraced a cloud-oriented view of the world are expecting the same cloud value proposition with MDM in the cloud – no software maintenance, rapid time-to-value and subscription pricing.

Source: informatica.com


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