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Компаниям станут доступны новые возможности для интеграции и управления данными «в облаке» благодаря решению «Informatica Cloud Spring 2013»

22 февраля 2013
Компаниям станут доступны новые возможности для интеграции и управления данными «в облаке» благодаря решению «Informatica Cloud Spring 2013»
20 Февраля 2013 года компания Informatica объявила о выпуске усовершенствованного решения для интеграции и управления данными в облачной среде Informatica Cloud Spring 2013, в состав которого вошли следующие модернизированные инструменты: Cloud Data Masking, Cloud Workflow, Master Data Management, Cloud Data Quality, а также стали доступными новые настройки для управления и обеспечения безопасности информации. (Новость опубликована на английском языке)
Powered by the industry’s leading integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), Informatica Cloud Spring 2013 delivers:
Cloud Data Masking: Securing Sensitive Data during Development and Test

Informatica Cloud Spring 2013 brings the first comprehensive software as a service (SaaS) solution for protecting data privacy in application development and test (sandbox) environments.  Delivering the market leading Informatica Persistent Data Masking technology as a self-service, wizard-based cloud application, Informatica Cloud Data Masking empowers organizations to:
  • Reuse industry-proven, pre-built data masking algorithms that ensure test data is de-identified, yet realistic, with SaaS applications and cloud test environments.
  • Quickly define custom data masking rules to flexibly support specific security, privacy and testing requirements.
  • Ensure that masking rules are consistently applied both on-premise and in the cloud.
Advanced Cloud Workflow, Process Creation and Management

Informatica Cloud Spring 2013 delivers Informatica Cloud Extend, technologies that Informatica obtained through the acquisition of Active Endpoints to deliver powerful workflow capabilities for salesforce.com customers. Available today on the AppExchange, this cloud-based application enables sales, marketing and support professionals to:
  • Encapsulate and automate best practices across business processes and human workflows.
  • Create and maintain workflows composed of data in Salesforce CRM and other applications in the cloud or on-premise.
  • Take advantage of guidance trees, a new programming paradigm for non-programmers, to create and publish business process workflows users can access in Salesforce screens, websites and mobile devices.
Enterprise-Class Cloud Integration Enhancements

Informatica Cloud Spring 2013 delivers new security and administration features that support broader cloud integration deployments and strengthen IT governance and control. These include:
  • Hybrid Security Options for Storing Connection Credentials – Informatica Cloud customers now have the option to store connection credentials (e.g., username, password, security token, etc.) on-premise, behind the firewall or in the cloud.
  • Org-Level Blackouts – Extending Informatica Cloud’s fine-grained access controls, administrators now have the ability to define blackout periods during which no integration, replication or data quality jobs will run, thus strengthening IT control and simplifying the management of upgrades.
  • Over 20 Crowd-sourced Features added through direct requests and posts on the Informatica Cloud Ideas Site.
Expanded Cloud Data Quality and Master Data Management

Informatica Cloud Spring 2013 furthers Informatica’s leadership in cloud data quality and MDM. Advances include:
  • Informatica Cloud MDM Salesforce Multi-Org Support – Salesforce.com customers can now standardize, cleanse and consolidate data from multiple instances of Salesforce (known as “orgs”), while tracking lineage back to the contributing orgs. Updated consolidation features allow Informatica Cloud MDM to have a reference back to the contributing org, enabling improved record standardization and deduplication, while also configuring rules to push the cleansed and standardized data back to the respective orgs.
  • Informatica Cloud Contact Validation Service 2.0 – Now Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certified by the United States Postal Service (USPS), the postal address and email validation service delivers increased accuracy and customers automatically qualify for significant USPS mailing discounts.
New Cloud Connectivity and Pre-built Integration Templates

With the Spring 2013 release, Informatica Cloud now has more than 50 Cloud Connectors and 30 Cloud Integration Templates built using Informatica Cloud iPaaS capabilities and available instantly through their respective Informatica Marketplace Malls.

All Informatica Cloud integration customers will be upgraded to the Spring 2013 release on February 23, 2013. Details are available on the Trust site. Informatica Cloud Data Masking is in pre-release. To register for the pre-release program, visit http://www.informaticacloud.com/cloud-data-masking.

Source:  informatica.com


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