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Новый облачный сервис Informatica Cloud Summer 2012

2 августа 2012
Новый облачный сервис Informatica Cloud Summer 2012
31 июля компания Informatica, мировой лидер в области решений по интеграции данных, представила Informatica Cloud Summer 2012 – последний релиз в линейке облачных сервисов интеграции данных, направленных на облегчение процесса разработки, конфигурации и использования облачной интеграции. (Новость опубликована на английском языке)
Informatica Cloud Summer 2012 increases the functionality and power of the Informatica Cloud Platform by allowing developers to encapsulate integration process logic in templates that can be consumed and dynamically configured by end-users at run time. Cloud Integration Templates are a key component of the Informatica Cloud Developer Edition, and will be made available along with other productivity assets on the new Cloud Integration Developer site. This release also increases the number of native cloud connectors and broadens support for the award-winning Informatica Cloud Data Loader Service.

New Cloud Integration Templates

Informatica Cloud Summer 2012 provides pre-built, reusable and customizable Cloud Integration Templates. The templates remove multiple steps from the integration process - such as the building of sophisticated workflows between systems. Customers and partners can dramatically reduce deployment and maintenance costs while accelerating the ROI of cloud integration projects.
  • Rapid Development. Use a self-service drag and drop environment to create cloud integration applications. These can be shared and run in the cloud, published on the Informatica Marketplace, or embedded in commercial applications and platforms.
  • Easy Configuration. Use intuitive integration wizards to execute custom cloud data integration tasks or advanced integration processes without needing to know the underlying technical details.
  • Self-Service Consumption. Search for cloud integration templates within the Informatica Cloud service or from the Informatica Marketplace. These templates automatically adjust to changing data source definitions and business rules.

Enhanced Cloud Connector Toolkit

Informatica Cloud Summer 2012 introduces new enhancements to the Cloud Connector Toolkit for building and delivering high-performance native connectivity to cloud or on-premise business and social applications. Customers, ISVs and SIs can now take advantage of new connectors for Eloqua, Workday, Netsuite and Web Services. The Cloud Connector Toolkit also supports new advanced hierarchical data modeling, which allows applications with complex object relationships to make use of new data integration scenarios.

New Cloud Integration Developer Site
Informatica Cloud Summer 2012 introduces a new Cloud Integration Developer site as part of the vibrant Informatica Cloud Community. This new site provides essential developer resources such as code samples, documentation, best practices, and collaboration venue for Informatica Cloud APIs, Cloud Integration Templates, and Cloud Connector Toolkit.

Expanded coverage for Informatica Cloud Data Loader
Informatica Cloud Summer 2012 provides the same award-winning, easy-to-use, and free of charge Informatica Cloud Data Loader for NetSuite and Microsoft CRM Dynamics in addition to Salesforce CRM and Force.com. Informatica Cloud Data Loader can be provisioned in minutes, and allows users to rapidly migrate millions of records in and out of cloud applications without any programming. It provides advanced functionality like transformations and automatic scheduling, and can easily be upgraded to more advanced paid editions with the click of a button.

Informatica Cloud Summer 2012 is currently in pre-release. Informatica Cloud customers will be automatically upgraded to the new release in August, 2012.

Supporting quotes
Data integration is essential to all aspects of cloud computing, including SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, as well to facilitating as hybrid cloud/on-premise IT environments,said Robert Mahowald, Research Vice President at IDC.Accordingly, the market is progressing beyond purpose-built cloud integration routines to enabling developers to create their own custom cloud integration applications and empowering them with a platform-as-a-service on which to build them. With its Summer 2012 release, Informatica Cloud is at the forefront of this progression.

Investing in cloud applications and platforms as early as 2005 has been a key element to the growth of Schumacher Group, giving us the agility and scale we need to meet the dynamically changing healthcare environment,” said Doug Menefee, CIO, Schumacher Group. Informatica’s hybrid platform allows us to manage the increasing number of our cloud-to-cloud application integration requirements as well as traditional on-premise business intelligence needs that impact the delivery of our healthcare services for our customers. The new integration template features in the Summer 2012 release as well as new connectors will immediately add business value to all of our cloud computing investments.

Informatica Cloud Summer 2012 is all about increasing productivity and accelerating time-to-value for users and developers through repeatable processes, sharing across communities, and unprecedented simplicity and ease of use,” said Juan Carlos Soto, senior vice president and general manager, Informatica Cloud.The new release further solidifies Informatica’s cloud integration leadership in both the end-customer and partner communities.

Source: informatica.com


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