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Компания Informatica уверенно удерживает позицию лидера в области интеграции данных

29 ноября 2012 28 ноября компания Informatica объявила, что третий год подряд им удается поддерживать стабильный рост своего бизнеса, который подтверждается ежегодным достижением ключевых целей и показателей роста. Так с января 2012 года посещаемость портала Компании «Informatica Marketplace» возросла на 150%, а уровень скачивания программных продуктов – на 250%, что доказывает эффективность и надежность продуктов Компании. (Новость опубликована на английском языке)
Since its launch in mid-2010, Informatica Marketplace has become a valuable resource for Informatica’s 125,000 - strong global online community of active data integration users and developers, where buyers connect with Marketplace partners and sellers to extend or enhance their data integration implementations.

25,000 new community members visited the Marketplace during the first nine months of 2012, and 25 percent of community members make regular weekly or monthly visits to the Marketplace and its specialized Malls including: Big Data, Cloud Connectivity and Integration Templates, Informatica University and Productivity Tools.

Additional Informatica Marketplace milestones in 2012 include:
Informatica Marketplace thrives on the innovations of its partners and during 2012 added multiple programs to support their business growth. These include:
  • Marketplace partner program. Partner companies are able to purchase attractively priced Informatica development licenses for the purpose of building solutions around the software. The online Marketplace provides them with a platform to take these solutions to market.
  • Marketplace reseller program. Qualified partners are able to leverage Informatica Marketplace as a reseller of their solutions, thus gaining a pre-built e-commerce engine and the ability to engage with Informatica customers who prefer to deal with approved vendors.
  • Marketplace marketing programs. Informatica also provides marketing packages to help partners extend their market reach and promote their offerings in collaboration with the Informatica Marketplace team.
Supporting Quotes

The Informatica Marketplace has been crucial to increasing Undraleu's exposure to a global audience,said Bhaskar Peri, Director, CoeurData Ltd.By leveraging the various Marketplace partner programs, we have been able to generate global leads, increase the number of prospect evaluations and extend our global reach in a way that would not have been possible on our own. The Informatica Marketplace continues to play a key role in our go-to-market strategy.

Informatica Marketplace has been an excellent vehicle to drive awareness and interest in the Kognitio Analytical Platform,” said Steve Millard, president and chief executive officer at Kognitio.The combination of Kognitio, with its focus on in-memory big data analytics, and Informatica is delivering significant benefits to Informatica's customers and positioning Kognitio as a best-of-breed solution in the big data ecosystem.
2012 is shaping up to be another watershed year for Informatica Marketplace, where we have accelerated our growth as well as deepened and broadened our available solutions thanks to the innovativeness of Informatica partners,said Scott Geffre, senior director, Cloud Business Operations and Marketplace, Informatica.Informatica Marketplace set new standards for online marketplaces by providing high-value, high-return solutions that target challenging data integration issues andemerging business opportunities, from metadata management to cloud, big data and social media data integration.

Source: informatica.com


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