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Informatica – лидер Магического квадранта Gartner в сфере маскирования данных

16 января 2013
Informatica – лидер Магического квадранта Gartner в сфере маскирования данных
Согласно последнему отчету компании Gartner «Magic Quadrant for Data Masking Technology», Informatica возглавляют список лучших поставщиков в сфере решений маскирования данных. Так как информационные активы большинства компаний помещаются в «киберсферу», тема защиты данных в 2013 году ожидается быть актуальной.
At the beginning of 2012, analysts at Enterprise Strategy Group identified maintaining security and compliance as a top business initiative that would impact IT spending. However at the end of 2012, the top issue cited for not being able to detect data theft or security breach was the lack of skilled resources in the security space. Jon Oltsik is quoted in his latest blog:

“39% said that their biggest incident detection challenge was a lack of adequate staffing in the security operations/incident detection/response teams”

At Informatica, where our core business is data integration, we are mechanism in which data gets replicated from one to many sources. In the application development software market, our test data management solutions are the mechanism in which data gets copied from production systems to test and development environments. Our data replication software, our ultra messaging and our B2B products all copy source data to multiple targets. If sensitive data sits in a source – how many opportunities do thieves have (both external and internal) to grab sensitive data? In past consulting engagements where we looked for areas of risk and exposure, the average number of copies a single piece of information is replicated is 25 times. No wonder it becomes more and more difficult to find incidents of attack – you could compare this scenario to the metaphor of ‘herding cats.’

Data masking is one of the best unknown secrets on how to prevent data theft. Eliminate the number of opportunities of exposure by replacing real life values with masked values wherever possible. Bake data masking into every application development project. Classify and tag sensitive data throughout the application lifecycle, through data flows as data traverses from transaction processing applications to reporting systems, to data warehouses and analytical applications.

If IT budgets continue to face the pressures we have seen in the past, CIOs will be challenged with justifying the extra headcount to increase security incident detection. Take advantage of market leading data masking technology from Informatica and spend your 2013 IT budgets wisely.

Source:  informatica.com


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