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Informatica признаны лидерами среди поставщиков решений MDM

16 апреля 2014 Аналитики независимой исследовательской компании Forrester пришли к заключению, что решение Informatica в сфере MDM является одним из лучших среди продуктов конкурентов. Узнайте, почему решению Informatica нет равных на рынке! (Новость опубликована на английском языке)

Forrester's first-ever MDM Wave for Multiplatform MDM report positions Informatica as a top leader. "We believe our leader position in the Forrester Wave for Multiplatform MDM showcases our topnotch performance in theplatform and product strategy categories," said Ravi Shankar, vice president for MDM Product Marketing, Informatica. "Informatica MDM is the first multidomain MDM to flexibly model multiple data entities and to intelligently display the cross-domain relationships, all within the same MDM product. It still continues to lead with avant-garde product capabilities by adopting MDM for big data, social, and mobile. Hundreds of customers across dozens of industries and several countries have gained tremendous business benefits through faster time-to-value and lower risk."

Forrester's 2014 MDM Wave report used a combination of four data sources to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each solution—hands-on lab evaluations, vendor surveys, product demos, and customer reference calls. The vendors were chosen based on: 1) product fit; 2) customer success; and 3) Forrester client demand. Leaders... seek to improve technology management and business collaboration, ease integration between analytic and operational data needs and provide rules and services that align to business objectives and processes.

Informatica MDM helps organizations to increase cross-sell and up-sell to existing customers, ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations, and improve multi-channel commerce, by providing authoritative views of business-critical master data about customers, products, suppliers and locations, as well as the 3600 view of relationships among them. Informatica MDM rapidly solves your immediate business problem with flexible master data management capability, enables you to grow this initial solution to solve additional business problems by leveraging existing technology investments and skills, while de-risking your project with a proven MDM solution.

Informatica MDM enables companies to:

  • Start fast: Ridiculously fast go live for many large, complex implementations with out-of-the-box solutions. Quickly start with targeted MDM capability for customer, product, or any other domain. Automatic generation of services and user interface.
  • Grow fast: Rapidly grow the MDM solution to solve other problems. Once model and rules are defined, any new source, hosted environment, data domain, data relationships, etc. can be added with minimal changes and only incremental effort. Master once and use anywhere. Start small and scale to hub-of-hubs.
  • De-risk: Informatica MDM is a trusted solution; it is used by hundreds of customers across dozens of industries and countries. These customers are using Informatica MDM to solve complex use cases using multiple data domains. Informatica MDM has been proven to scale to hundreds of millions of records.

Source: informatica.com


The Forrester Wave: Master Data Management Solutions (Q1, 2014)Отчет компании Forrester на английском языке