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Informatica стала лидером Магического квадранта Gartner в категории управления мастер-данными

22 октября 2012
Informatica стала лидером Магического квадранта Gartner в категории управления мастер-данными
Informatica, один из глобальных независимых лидеров в сфере разработки программного обеспечения для интеграции данных, была признана аналитической компанией Gartner лидером квадранта «Управление мастер-данными», опубликованного 18 октября 2012 года.(Новость опубликована на английском языке)
John Radcliffe and Bill O’Kane, authors of the report state, “Vendors in the Leaders quadrant have strong results and delivery capabilities, and will continue to have them. They typically possess a large, satisfied customer base (relative to the size of the market) and enjoy high visibility in the market. The size and financial strength of the Leaders enable them to remain viable in a challenging economy. Leaders have mature offerings and track records of successful deployments, even in the most-challenging environments, across all geographies and in many vertical industries. Leaders have the strategic vision to address evolving client requirements; however, they're not always the best choice.”

According to the report, “Organizations use MDM of customer data solutions as part of an MDM strategy, which in itself should be part of a wider enterprise information management (EIM) strategy. An MDM strategy potentially encompasses the management of multiple master data domains, such as customer, product, asset, person or party, supplier and financial masters. As the name suggests, MDM of customer data solutions focus on managing customer data — a form of "party" data, whereas MDM of product data focuses on managing product data — a form of "thing" data. There are no other discrete Magic Quadrants for other master data domains, due to the relatively low level of discrete market interest to govern those data domains in comparison to customer and product data”.

The Informatica MDM product family delivers consolidated and reliable business-critical data—master data—to the applications that companies of all sizes and types rely on. Informatica is a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management of Customer Data Solutions, continuing to accelerate its MDM growth and plans with ongoing innovation, for example the September 2012 launch of Informatica Cloud MDM; the addition of Facebook social media connectors; the launch of Informatica MDM for iPad and the availability of high velocity master data identity resolution for big data.

Additional highlights of Informatica’s execution and strategic direction for its MDM products and solutions in the past year include:
  • Launch of MDM 9.5. Provides breakthrough capabilities in master data management for social media, Cloud computing, mobile and big data.  Key elements include delivering on the vision of the social customer master, and introducing master data timeline for effective date versioning.
  • MDM for the Cloud. For organizations looking to improve their customer information within salesforce.com, Informatica Cloud MDM increases the value of an organization’s customer relationship management (CRM) investment with better lead conversion, customer targeting and cross-sell outcomes. Informatica Cloud MDM is a native Force.com solution, which is fully integrated with salesforce.com and deployed in the cloud, with no need to install additional hardware or software.
Examples of customer uses of Informatica MDM include:
  • A leading Pharmaceutical and Health Care products firm improves product planning process. The company needed to tie sold products to planned products and determine how much excess inventory exists due to over production by the planning department. But, it was difficult for the company to obtain a complete view from Demand to Manufacturing to Sales for each product. Informatica MDM integrated the product data from planning, supply chain, and products divisions running SAP systems to create a single view of products and hierarchies. As a result, the company has significantly better analytics and enjoys cost reductions as inventory levels can be optimized.
  • A leading Wealth Management company improves productivity and marketing effectiveness. The company needed to reduce the time financial advisors spent on administrative activities associated with duplicate data entry and system workarounds. Client, prospect and accounts information were dispersed across mainframes and salesforce.com making consolidation time-consuming. Informatica MDM hub matched customer records across systems to create a best version of truth for each customer and managed complex relationships among individuals, accounts and households. Consequently, the company improved the productivity of financial advisors by 30% resulting in an almost 10% increase in revenue per financial advisor.
“In this era of customer engagement, a solid and strategic approach to understanding your customer is essential,” said Dennis Moore, senior vice president, Master Data Management, Informatica. “We believe Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management of Customer Data Solutions has affirmed that Informatica offers a leading approach enabling customers to achieve the many benefits of customer master data management.”

Moore continued: “With Informatica’s strong partner ecosystem, customers have access to best of breed solutions built on leading MDM technology across multiple verticals including retail, financial services, manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, government, energy and other industries. Customers rely on Informatica MDM, a part of the Informatica Platform, to cut costs and drive revenue by improving operations and making more informed decisions across the enterprise. Companies are empowered to acquire and retain more customers, deliver better products and services and accelerate time-to-value.”

Source: informatica.com