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Результаты конференции Informatica World 2012

4 июня 2012
Результаты конференции Informatica World 2012
15-18 мая в Лас-Вегасе, США прошла 12-тая ежегодная конференция Informatica World 2012, организованная компанией Informatica, крупнейшим поставщиком решений по интеграции данных. Конференция вызвала большой ажиотаж среди клиентов и партнеров компании, интересующихся Big Data. Более 33% докладов были посвящены вопросам использования, управления и получения выгоды от Big Data. (Новость опубликована на английском языке)
Chairman and chief executive officer, Sohaib Abbasi, delivered a keynote address that showcased the potential of big data to deliver compelling business value and open up new possibilities. The main news at the conference was the latest release of the Informatica Platform, Informatica 9.5, engineered expressly to maximize organizations’ return on big data. Additionally, at the conference, Informatica announced:
  • The results of a global big data survey.
  • The launch of an industry-first assessment service to allow enterprises to analyze the maturity of enterprises in their approach to data.
  • New certification programs and on-demand learning offerings designed to help customers accelerate their return on data.
While in Las Vegas Informatica employees and conference attendees also took time to work with the Clark County School District’s Title 1 HOPE (Homeless Outreach Program for Education) program. Title 1 HOPE’s main focus is to identify and enroll homeless students in school and to facilitate support services to meet their physical, emotional and social needs.

Big Data Will Be The Tipping Point

Big data is being driven by three secular technology trends that are reshaping IT – cloud computing, social computing and mobile computing. These trends are redefining the “where,” “what” and “how” of the computer industry as businesses shift from on-premise to cloud applications, from transaction processing to “interaction processing” and from desktop computers to mobile devices. The challenge of big data to enterprises is to embrace these new trends and drive competitive advantage.

With the changing of the economics of computing, cloud computing is creating the next wave of data fragmentation with an increasing amount of transaction data captured by cloud service providers. By enabling the next generation of data-centric applications, social computing is unleashing unprecedented volumes of interaction data. And by empowering users with context-aware and location-based services, mobile computing is driving a new surge in device and sensor interaction data.

The result is explosive growth in big data, represented in today’s larger volumes, broader variety and higher velocity data. The business opportunities around big data are significant, ranging from enhanced business intelligence and sentiment analysis, to proactive customer engagement. But the risks and costs are equally enormous if big data is not managed properly.

The latest release of the Informatica Platform, Informatica 9.5, furthers Informatica’s position at the forefront of maximizing return on big data. With Informatica 9.5, organizations now have a comprehensive set of innovative capabilities addressing all aspects of big data:
  • Big transaction data – For example, embeddable cloud integration services ensure your applications have all the relevant business data from on-premise and cloud systems.
  • Big interaction data – For example, advances in social MDM enable organizations to leverage social media data to create a complete, authoritative view of the customer to improve customer acquisition and retention.
  • Big data processing – For example, the ability to move data into Hadoop, in both batch and real-time, ensures interoperability between Hadoop and traditional data processing environments, while enhancements in big data parsing boost developer productivity. 
The nexus of IT megatrends is transforming the IT industry, elevating the strategic role of data integration and opening up new opportunities for organizations,” said Sohaib Abbasi, chairman and chief executive officer, Informatica.The IT megatrend of big data has been billed as the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity. The promise of big data for enterprises is to help pursue the top opportunities and address the top challenges. The Informatica value proposition is to help our customers realize the promise of big data by maximizing the return on data.

Source: informatica.com


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