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Компания Informatica признана лидером в области решений по управлению качеством данных

13 августа 2012
Компания Informatica признана лидером в области решений по управлению качеством данных
Решение компании Informatica по управлению качеством данных является лидирующим на рынке, как указанно в опубликованном 8 августа магическом квадранте Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools”. Этой позиции Компании удалось достичь за счет отличных показателей эффективности и полноты существующего решения Informatica Data Quality. (Новость опубликована на английском языке)
Ted Friedman, author of the report states,[o]rganizations of all sizes and in all industries are recognizing the importance of high-quality data and the critical role of data quality in information governance and stewardship, driven by broader EIM initiatives. Data quality issues have a significantly adverse impact on businesses by reducing efficiency, creating risk and inhibiting value creation. Organizations need to measure, track and work toward continuous improvement of data quality in order to avoid these negative impacts and increase the value of data to their business. From a technology point of view, the tools in this market directly address common governance related capabilities critical to an organization's information infrastructure. As a result, their interest in the role of tools and technology for data quality improvement continues to grow.

Friedman said,Data quality functionality is also being recognized as a fundamental component of, or link to, offerings in related software markets, such as data integration tools and MDM solutions. Through partnerships, acquisitions and organic development these markets are rapidly on the path to convergence. Specifically, the convergence of the data integration tools and data quality tools markets is nearing completion.

According to the report, “[d]ata quality assurance is a discipline focused on ensuring that data is fit for use in business processes ranging from core operations, to analytics and decision-making, to engagement and interaction with external entities. As a discipline, it comprises much more than technology — it also includes roles and organizational structures, processes for monitoring, measuring and remediating data quality issues, and links to broader information governance activities via data-quality-specific policies. Given the scale and complexity of the data landscape across organizations of all sizes and in all industries, tools to help automate key elements of the discipline continue to attract more interest and to grow in value. As such, the data quality tools market continues to show substantial growth, while exhibiting innovation and change.

Additionally, Gartner notes that “[d]emand for data quality tools remains strong, driven by more deployments that support information governance programs, master data management initiatives and application modernization efforts. Vendors are expanding their functionality to support non-IT roles and diversifying their deployment models.

Informatica Data Quality, an integral part of the unified Informatica Platform, delivers timely, trustworthy and relevant data to its customers.

Recent highlights include:
  • Building off of the strength of the Informatica 9.5 Platform which was launched in the spring of 2012, Informatica Data Quality 9.5 adds capabilities to further make enterprise data quality improvement truly pervasive.
  • Informatica Data Quality 9.5:
  • Delivers data discovery for the identification of sensitive information.
  • Enables the processing of unstructured data sets using natural language parsing.
  • Supports data governance initiatives with the automation of key stewardship tasks.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Informatica’s data integration and master data management (MDM) solutions to extend your investment.
  • Enables big data quality with Big Transaction Data - representing massive growth in transaction data volumes, Big Interaction Data - fueled by explosive growth in interaction data from social media and sensor technologies, and Big Data Processing, with highly scalable processing using Hadoop technology.
Informatica is singularly focused on delivering the industry’s premier data integration and data quality platform,” said Ivan Chong, executive vice president and general manager, Data Quality, Informatica. “We continue to invest in innovative, industry leading data quality technologies and solutions as is evident by our placement in Gartner’s annual survey.”

Chong continued,More and more organizations are standardizing on Informatica Data Quality as the backbone of their data quality initiatives. In addition, implementing data quality into data integration and MDM projects has become standard practice as customers seek to maximize their return on data. Informatica’s vision for data quality includes empowering the business user, management of diverse data sets and integration with the Informatica Platform. We believe our placement as a leader in the Magic Quadrant confirms Informatica’s execution and strategic direction for our data quality products and solutions.

Source: informatica.com

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