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Informatica - чемпион в области решений по интеграции данных (по итогам исследования компании Info-Tech Research Group)

22 июня 2012
Informatica - чемпион в области решений по интеграции данных (по итогам исследования компании Info-Tech Research Group)
Корпорация Informatica, мировой лидер в области решений по интеграции данных, 18 июня анонсировала результаты исследования, проведенного компанией Info-Tech Research Group, «Подробный анализ ланшафта поставщиков: инструменты интеграции данных» (Vendor Landscape Plus: Data Integration Tools). Заняв лидирующую позицию в правом верхнем квадранте и получив наивысшие балы за мощность продукта и полноту предлагаемых опций, Informatica утвердила свои позиции на рынке. (Новость опубликована на английском языке. Ознакомиться с отчетом Вы можете по ссылке ниже)
According to Info-Tech Research Group, Champions receive high scores for most evaluation criteria, offer excellent value, have a strong market presence and are usually trend setters for the industry. In the new study Informatica is the only vendor to:
  • Attain a combined product and vendor score of Exemplary status, across the board – Informatica alone received Exemplary product scores for features, usability, affordability and architecture, and perfect vendor scores for viability, strategy, reach and channel.
  • Deliver acomplete feature set – Only Informatica provides the full spectrum of enterprise data integration capabilities including real-time data integration, data quality, recovery, performance monitoring, middleware compatibility, data semantics, and data synchronization and replication.
In addition, the Info-Tech Research Group study gives Informatica an extremely high value score of 98 out of a possible 100, with the average vendors score being 57.4. Informatica is also identified as exhibiting one of the lowest total costs of ownership and is cited as an “exemplary performer” in the three key areas of development environment, vendor comprehensiveness and platform independence.

Data integration isn’t just a component of an IT project anymore,” said Stewart Bond, senior research analyst, Info-Tech Research Group.It has become a core practice that requires consideration from the start if an organization is going to make the most use of its data. Informatica is a leading data integration vendor with a deep product portfolio, making the Informatica Platform a good fit for enterprises looking for an efficient, reliable and easy to manage data integration solution.

In addition to mapping the vendor landscape, the Info-Tech Research Group report provides a framework to understand the capabilities of data integration technology and its potential use cases, align potential solutions with business requirements, shortlist data integration vendors, develop an implementation strategy and optimize investments in data integration tools.

Being recognized by Info-Tech Research Group for Informatica’s overall product and vendor leadership and for delivering among the greatest value and lowest total cost of ownership speaks to our investment in developing and delivering a world-class independent platform,” said Sachin Chawla, senior vice president and general manager, Data Integration, Informatica. This is yet another testament to Informatica’s continuing focus on delivering the best return on data for our customers.

Source: informatica.com


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