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Конференция Information On Demand 2011, 23-27 октября, Лас-Вегас.

25 августа 2011
Конференция Information On Demand 2011, 23-27 октября, Лас-Вегас.
Самая крупная конференция по информационному менеджменту, организованная компанией IBM, ежегодно собирает более 10,000 участников. У вас будет отличная возможность пообщаться с профессионалами в области управления информацией, обменяться опытом с иностранными партнерами и сделать свой собственный вклад в будущее информационного менеджмента!
Delaney Turner, стратег социального бизнеса компании IBM, проводит краткий обзор одной из сессий конференции «Social Media & Customer Analytics» (англ.): 

Business analytics, meet the blogosphere.

Blogosphere, meet business analytics. 

I’m sure you’ll have lots to talk about.

It's a conversation that's long overdue and if you’re at all interested in getting in on it, I strongly suggest adding a few sessions from the Social Media & Customer Analytics track at Business Analytics Forum. It’s a new track this year, and – full disclosure here – the one I’m most interested in covering. Social media activity is driving explosive growth rates in unstructured data. And whether you’re working for a restaurant chain, a fashion brand or global technology vendor - you need to make sense of it all if you're going to stay in the game. These largely technical sessions will help IT professionals understand our current offerings (including IBM Cognos Consumer Insight, IBM SPSS Modeler and IBM Coremetrics) and how business professionals can use them to create more targeted marketing strategies, build predictive models that reduce churn and that ultimately transform all that unruly data into actionable insights. 

Like business intelligence, all over again

Your reasons for pursuing a social analytics strategy should be a lot like the ones you used to pursue business intelligence in the first place: too much data in too many places that take too long to report on, for too little insight. The only difference is that now, all the data lies on the other side of the firewall. And much like your first business intelligence deployment revealed opportunities to cut costs, boost revenue and manage risk, your social analytics deployment will help you build a strategy to analyze sentiment, identify influencers and turn customers' frowns upside down.

The full track session listing starts on page 46 of your Business Analytics Forum Guide, but I’ve provided a few highlights below. Feel free to add them to your SmartSite Agenda Builder today: 

  • Predictive Social Media Analytics (Session BSC-1539): Graham Mackintosh and Olivier Jouve of IBM will show you how to proactively monitor and manage consumer-generated content about your brands, categories and products. You’ll see how to combine this information with customer data to inform marketing strategies and predictive models and to optimize campaigns.
  • Using IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and IBM Cognos Consumer Insight (Session BSC-2761): Christopher Wright will illustrate how to address all aspects of your social media investment, view historical, real-time and predictive information, perform scenario modeling and planning to investigate issues, and use real-time alerts, workflow and mobile applications to monitor the pulse of the business. 
  • Watson Update: After Victory on TV’s Jeopardy! What Comes Next? (Session BSC-3556): Bernard Spang will provide an overview of Watson technology and show you how it relates to exciting initiatives in natural language analytics now and in the future.

While we're on the topic of social networks, don't forget to expand your own network in person while you're there:


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