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Новая улучшенная версия Oracle Business Intelligence

4 октября 2012
Новая улучшенная версия Oracle Business Intelligence
2 октября компания Oracle объявила о выходе новой улучшенной версии Oracle Business Intelligence, включающей обновленный функционал по визуализации данных, а также возможность использования этого инструмента на любых мобильных устройствах. (Новость опубликована на английском языке)
With enhanced mobile capabilities including a new user experience designed for maximum productivity and interactivity, Oracle Business Intelligence Release helps users easily identify and analyze trends and take immediate action from their preferred mobile device.

New visualization features, such as Trellis views, allow users to quickly visualize massive amounts of data in an organized manner, enabling them to spot anomalies that require further investigation.

Delivered on a single, unified platform, all packaged and custom desktop and mobile applications created with Oracle BI can be updated, managed and secured from one, centralized location – reducing customer risk and cost.

Optimized for Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine, the industry’s first high-speed engineered system featuring in-memory BI software and hardware to deliver extreme performance for analytic and performance management applications, Oracle BI enables customers to massively scale and deliver sub-second response times for thousands of mobile users across millions of rows of data.

Oracle Business Intelligence suite is a key component of Oracle Business Analytics, the industry’s most complete, integrated family of business analytics solutions, including more than 80 business intelligence and performance management applications, business intelligence foundational technology, advanced analytics and Oracle Engineered Systems.

Organizations can deploy Oracle Business Analytics solutions on premise, in the cloud and on mobile devices to perform any type of analysis, against any type of data, including structured and unstructured data from inside the firewall or external sources.

Intuitive User Experience Promotes Greater Interactivity, Online and Off

The latest mobile features in Oracle BI are redesigned for maximum productivity and easy offline access, enabling users to view, analyze and act-on fact-based business insights from their mobile devices anytime.
Key features in the release include:
  • Quick Access Mobile User Experience: allows users to quickly access information they most often need. Live thumbnails enable faster discoverability of content, while redesigned search capabilities scan both offline and online content.
  • Greater Interactivity: makes it easier than ever before to use touch and multi-gestural interactions to work with BI content. Users can now take advantage of new gestures to interact with business intelligence information, including the one-finger swipe, two-finger pinch, tap-and-hold, and tap-and-drag gestures.
  • Offline Access and Secure Content Saving: enables always-available analytics for users. Content can be saved for offline viewing and consumption and refreshed when the user is back online. Additionally, fine-grained security privileges allow administrators to grant or revoke the ability to save offline content for specific users or roles or groups.
  • Enhanced Visualization: With a broad range of visualization tools such as charts, graphs and maps, Oracle BI helps business users quickly see massive amounts of data in an organized manner to quickly spot issues or opportunities. 
New tools include:
  • Trellis views provide high density visualizations across complex data;
  • Microchart, such as SparkLines, SparkBars and SparkAreas, minimize data ink for maximum usability;
  • Line geometries in geo-spatial visualizations allow users to visualize linear data.
Increased Scalability: leveraging the in-memory processing of Oracle Exalytics, Oracle BI can serve thousands of mobile users simultaneously and process millions of rows of data.

Supporting Quotes
Mobile devices, such as the Apple iPad, are becoming ubiquitous productivity enhancing tools across the enterprise,” said Balaji Yelamanchili, senior vice president, Oracle Analytics and Performance Management Products. With the latest release of Oracle BI, users have access to business altering data with the swipe of a finger. From a redesigned interface to new visualization tools and offline access, Oracle BI makes it easy for users to view, analyze and act upon critical data insights – wherever the job may take them.

Thanks to Oracle Mobile BI running on Oracle Exalytics, we are updated with the absolute latest insights so we quickly take action and capitalize on new opportunities,noted Torsten Balslev, CIO Nilson Group.Our users, from store managers to procurement managers, now have instant analysis to monitor our product across all channels and be able to respond to shifts in demand in real time regardless if they are in front of their PC or on the road with their mobile device.

Source: oracle.com