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Обновленная версия IBM SPSS Statistics v22

27 августа 2013
Обновленная версия IBM SPSS Statistics v22
Компания IBM анонсировала выход обновленной версии программного обеспечения IBM SPSS Statistics, линейки интегрированных продуктов, направленной на полный цикл бизнес-анализа: от сбора данных до их анализа и использования. С выходом нового релиза пользователи получили возможность работать с данными на мобильных устройствах! (Новость опубликована на английском языке)
Enhancements in SPSS Statistics 22 fall into three categories:
  • Those that support easier decision-making - You can now produce presentation- or publication-ready output that is easy for business users to understand.  Analysts can view interactive IBM SPSS Statistics output on smartphones and tablets.
  • Enhancements to Monte Carlo Simulation - You can build more accurate predictive models when inputs are uncertain. New capabilities in the Monte Carlo simulation feature include Simulating Strings, support for Automatic Linear Models (ALM), heat maps, and more.  Watch a short demo for an overview of Monte Carlo simulation.
  • Specialized Techniques - You can use specialized techniques such as SQL pushback and network resiliency, and search for and download programmability extensions to speed performance and improve productivity and effectiveness.

Make your outputs presentation-ready

When you need to publish or present, you want to select only the results that are at the heart of your argument, and you want to communicate with your audience in a clear, compelling way. In this situation, esthetic and style considerations become much more important. With the new release of SPSS Statistics, you can easily style your output and provide that kind of clarity and impact. You can also apply conditional styling -- that is, you can easily highlight the value of a cell by applying conditions based on its value, or by validating whether it is statistically significant.

Decisions on the fly – Go Mobile

Today, more knowledge workers are using mobile devices, which is changing the way they communicate and what they expect of the technologies they use every day. Now you can take your SPSS Statistics output wherever you go and make decisions anytime, anywhere. The latest release enables you to view interactive reports on your smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. Please note that you do not require any special mobile applications for viewing -- your existing browser will do.

Simulating strings

This feature was released in the previous version and since then it has helped organizations to assess risk and uncertainty within their business and to make informed decisions about the future. This release offers enhancements to simulating strings. For example, if your datasets contain categorical fields (such as gender: male/female, or do you smoke : yes/no), then such fields will be fitted with a categorical distribution. Even the associations between categorical fields are captured if there are two or more categorical fields within the active dataset.

Programmability enhancements

Now you have an option to install the PythonTM platform as part of the main IBM SPSS Statistics installation. This enables users to automatically install Python 2.7, an integration plug-in and a few Python extensions. As a result, you can take advantage of the benefits of the Python programming language when working in IBM SPSS Statistics.

Also users can now search and download programmability extensions from the SPSS developerWorks community using the interface within IBM SPSS Statistics.


IBM SPSS Statistics now allows calculation of new fields  (data transformations, sorting, aggregation, selecting and sampling) to be pushed back to the database, where analyses can be performed faster.

Source:  ibm.com


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