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Oracle представляет стратегию хранения данных

7 июля 2011 Вместе с потребителями, партнерами и лидерами мнения в отрасли, Oracle сформулировал свое виденье стратегии Хранения данных и представил расширенное портфолио продуктов. Продукты для хранения информации интегрированы с программными продуктами Oracle для обеспечения максимальной эффективности при работе с приложениями Oracle, демонстрируя высокую производительность, быстродействие и безопасность. Таким образом достигается повышение производительности до 10 раз при использовании только 1/10 емкости хранилища данных.
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Oracle Outlines Storage Strategy
Delivers Up to 10x Faster Performance at One Tenth Storage Capacity

News Facts

Speaking to customers, partners and industry influencers at today’s Storage Strategy Update, Oracle outlined its Storage vision and newly expanded product portfolio.

Oracle storage products are being integrated with Oracle’s entire software stack to run best with Oracle Applications, delivering extreme performance, efficiency and security to enable up to 10x faster performance at one tenth storage capacity.

The same storage products are also being designed to deliver best-of-breed quality of service in mixed storage environments.

Specifically, Oracle storage strategy is to:

Ensure that Oracle software runs faster and more efficiently on Oracle storage. Integrated automatic provisioning and management provides storage performance on demand, and streamlines end-to-end data movement and protection.

Deliver a Complete Storage portfolio with best of breed products:

  • Database I/O – Oracle Exadata Storage Server
  • NAS File I/O – Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance
  • SAN lock I/O – Pillar Axiom
  • Tape – Oracle StorageTek Tape

Accelerate and Scale Storage business by expanding offerings of integrated application-to-storage solutions.

Oracle’s Complete Range of Storage Products To Address The Most Critical Needs of Enterprise Data Centers

Oracle’s complete storage product portfolio enables enterprise data centers to address all of their most critical storage requirements. The product portfolio includes:

Oracle Exadata Storage, engineered for the Oracle Database, provides extreme performance for OLTP, data warehousing and database consolidation with industry leading optimizations including Query offload, Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression, Exadata Smart Flash Cache, IO Resource Manager, and InfiniBand interconnect.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, the premier product for Network Attached Storage (NAS) File I/O, offers high-performance, efficient NAS consolidation for Oracle software, test and development and data protection. Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances offer industry leading efficiency and performance features including efficient snap/clone for test and development and InfiniBand interconnect for fast data protection.

Pillar Axiom storage, the most recent addition to the Oracle storage portfolio, will be the premier Oracle product for Storage Area Network (SAN) Block I/O. It delivers enterprise SAN consolidation with exceptional performance/capacity scaling, industry-leading efficiency and best-in-class, end-to-end quality of service.

Oracle StorageTek Tape, engineered for archive and data protection, is highly scalable, reliable and available for consolidating data for archive and data protection.

Supporting Quotes

“Macro economic factors are driving massive growth in storage,” said Oracle President Mark Hurd. “We now have the capabilities to make that change in the Oracle environment that leads to the ability to deliver up to 10x faster performance with only one tenth the storage capacity. These are the economics that can drive a sea change.”

“Oracle software runs faster and more efficiently on Oracle Storage,” said John Fowler, Executive Vice President, Oracle Systems. “These same innovative Oracle Storage products are designed to be best-of-breed and hot-pluggable into existing mixed storage environments. This gives customers the best of both worlds – extreme performance for Oracle environments and the rest of the data center too.”