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Расширяя границы возможного в процессе анализа данных вместе с SAP

10 сентября 2013
Расширяя границы возможного в процессе анализа данных вместе с SAP
9 сентябра компания SAP AG анонсировала новую версию решения SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI), с помощью которой компании смогут извлечь максимальную пользу от командного мышления и многое другое. Читайте подробнее о новых и усовершенствованных функциях решения на нашем сайте. (Новость опубликована на английском языке)

Today, data, devices and the people who use them are more connected than ever. There is immense value to be unlocked by connecting this information, so called “dark data,” to the work people do every day enabling users to quickly discover what is happening and then act with the power of collective insight. SAP’s analytics vision is built around driving a near real-time connected experience across enterprise BI, agile visualization and advanced analytics. Analytic solutions from SAP help facilitate this discovery by connecting users, data, platforms and devices, allowing people to quickly and easily engage with their data, visualize what is happening and predict what comes next.

 “Fairfax Water is responsible with providing safe, clean water to nearly 1.7 million people and we need reliable analysis systems to ensure people are getting the water they need each day,” said Tammy Powlas, project manager, Fairfax County Water Authority. “With the latest release of SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions, we have a simplified user interface and improved mobile worker access.”

Advancements in the 4.1 release of SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions include:
  • One suite for all insight: Unified and highly personalized solutions have the ability to deeply embed analytics to create custom experiences through new software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs). Powerful visualizations empower users with industry-focused visualizations and special analytics. Faster and more accurate decisions are consumable from mobile devices through a single mobile application.
  • One place for all information big and small: Support is available for more than 140 data sources, including more OLAP sources than ever before. A big data-ready release includes support for Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Hadoop Hive
  • One standard for enterprise BI: The latest version delivers a professional-grade BI platform designed for any size business with SAP Crystal Server 2013 software and the Edge edition and enterprise edition of the 4.1 release of SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions. SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions are available for on-premise or on-demand deployment and support advanced multi-tenant management. The solutions give IT, business analysts and business users the ability to convert analysis on multiple devices as well as go from online to offline mode.
“The 4.1 release brings both enhancements and important integration features to the core BI product, improving capabilities for both SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse and long-time SAP BusinessObjects customers,” said Cindi Howson, founder of BI Scorecard and author of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0: The Complete Reference. “The most marked improvements are in mobile, dashboards, collaboration and support for big data sources.”

 Bringing Agile Data Visualization to the Masses

SAP also recently announced a free personal edition of agile data discovery software, SAP Lumira as well as the “Data Geek Challenge.” Now generally available, the personal edition of SAP Lumira helps users analyze Microsoft Excel data by building interactive visualizations in a drag and drop environment in order to accelerate the decision-making process and uncover hidden business opportunities. The SAP Data Geek Challenge is a movement by the data community to discover and tell the most compelling stories with data.

“SAP is the market leader in analytics,” said Christian Rodatus, senior vice president and general manager, Analytics, SAP. “We have the depth, breadth and experience required to help our customers unlock the power of their dark data. Our experience means customers can expect a robust, professional-grade, enterprise BI platform. Both IT and business will benefit from the combined power of enterprise BI, agile visualization and advanced analytics solutions that will provide a synergy that is not possible today.”

A New Home for SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Solutions

On the updated website for SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions, www.sapbusinessobjectsbi.com, visitors can:

  • Learn about what is new in the latest release of BI solutions from SAP
  • Review customer success stories to help develop their own BI strategies
  • Get the best guidance and recommendations for implementing and upgrading BI solutions from SAP, including customized upgrade recommendations from SAP experts
  • Leverage how-to videos for BI best practices

Source:  sap.com