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Компания SAP признана лидером в области решений в сфере прогнозной аналитики для Больших Данных

10 января 2013
Компания SAP признана лидером в области решений в сфере прогнозной аналитики для Больших Данных
7 января 2013 года независимая исследовательская компания Forrester Research опубликовала свой новый отчет «The Forrester Wave: Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions, Q1 2013», посвященный анализу и оценке поставщиков решений в сфере прогнозной аналитики. По итогам исследования, компания SAP превзошла конкурентов благодаря стратегии развития, новому продукту на платформе SAP HANA и надежной архитектуре, способной работать с Большими Данными. (Новость опубликована на английском языке)
"In less than two years, SAP has been able to establish itself as a market leader in the 'big data' predictive analytics space thanks to the real-time insight capabilities of the SAP HANA platform and its expanding ecosystem," said Steve Lucas, executive vice president and general manager, Database & Technology, SAP. "SAP is committed to helping our customers innovate through the use of new applications that are intuitive, easy to implement and built on our real-time SAP HANA platform."

Forrester evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of 10 companies against 51 criteria reflecting the requirements of vendors of "big data" predictive analytics solutions. Among other factors, these criteria included current offering, strategy and market presence. According to Forrester, vendors in the leader category offer a rich set of algorithms to analyze data, architectures that can handle "big data" and tools for data analysts that span the full predictive analytics lifecycle.

According to the report, "SAP also differentiates by putting its SAP HANA in-memory platform at the center of its offering, including an in-database predictive analytics library (PAL), and… a modeling tool."

SAP HANA, the game-changing in-memory platform from SAP, helps organizations unlock the business value of "big data" by enabling them to access and deliver information from 10,000 up to 100,000 times faster than before. With these real-time insights, they can act quickly as new business scenarios unfold.

Source:  sap.com


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