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Новое аналитическое решение компании SAP расширяет возможности Big Data

27 сентября 2012
Новое аналитическое решение компании SAP расширяет возможности Big Data
26 сентября компания SAP анонсировала выход нового аналитического программного обеспечения, которое помогает объединить решения SAP BusinessObjects BI и сервер SAP Sybase IQ, который был создан специально для аналитических целей. При разработке данного решения были усовершенствованы функции визуализации данных, самостоятельного поиска необходимой информации, а также расширены возможности прогнозной аналитики и мобильного BI. Последние обновления дают возможность в полной мере оценить способности и выгоды использования Big Data. (Новость опубликована на английском языке)
Rogers Communications, one of Canada’s largest communications companies, services millions of customers every day with wireless voice and data communications, cable services and media assets. The company needed an enterprise solution that would enable self-service access to data and reports, uphold security policies and scale with changing reporting needs as data volumes grow. Rogers selected SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions and SAP Sybase IQ to accomplish this. Today, 600 users are provided with increased data access, autonomy and visibility. Permission to access data is controlled based on the user’s role with optimized query times using adaptive enriched embedded data structures. Users can now build their own reports and pinpoint the exact information they want to see. The result is a reduction in time spent on building reports, allowing decision-makers to focus on data analysis that supports operational and service decisions. Rogers and SAP are further working together to develop and manage the deployment of newly packaged enterprise mobile applications, which leverage the SAP mobile platform.

SAP currently offers the following analytics editions:
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite, analytics edition
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform, analytics edition
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI, Edge analytics edition
  • SAP Crystal Server, analytics edition
With the new analytics editions of SAP BusinessObjects BI and SAP Crystal solutions, customers can start driving their own decision revolutions more cost-effectively than ever before,said John Schweitzer, senior vice president and general manager, Analytics, SAP.As technologies such as BI, data warehousing and data integration continue to come together, organizations large and small are looking for end-to-end solutions that can turn ‘big data’ into ‘intelligent data’ and quickly answer any business question. The analytics editions take this even further by offering the expert content they need to accelerate return on investment.

Analytics editions are highly scalable so they can evolve with organizations as their data and analytics needs grow. This can be important for small and midsize (SME) companies that traditionally face many challenges when entering the field of data analysis. Analytics editions of SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions and SAP Crystal solutions package data warehousing and data integration products with best-practice content and use cases tailored for key industries and lines of business. Whether on desktops or mobile devices, the easy-to-use tools let people quickly discover, access, manipulate and analyze transactional data in enterprise systems, machine- or device-generated data and Web data. They can even help analyze data from social networks such as Twitter to understand public sentiment about their products and services.

Source: sap.com