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Партнеры SAP обменяются опытом для увеличения потребительской ценности от бизнес-аналитики

27 сентября 2011
Партнеры SAP обменяются опытом для увеличения потребительской ценности от бизнес-аналитики
SAP объявила о запуске "Build and Sell" - программы, которая позволяет партнерам SAP создавать, рекламировать и продавать аналитические приложения на основе программных продуктов SAP BusinessObjects. В рамках программы "Build and Sell", SAP предлагает партнерам инструменты для расширения аудитории пользователей с помощью маркетинга и продаж своей интеллектуальной собственности другим участникам экосистемы SAP с аналогичными потребностями. (Новость опубликована на английском языке).

Faster, easier, custom-fit, more affordable— these are the criteria for today’s buyers of analytic applications. Meanwhile, the need to make the one-off customer solution a repeatable market success reigns among software vendors. To address the interests of both, SAP AG today introduced a “Build and Sell” program that enables SAP channel partners to build, market and sell analytic applications based on technology from the SAP® BusinessObjects™ portfolio.

Through the build and sell program, SAP offers channel partners the means to more easily extend their reach by marketing and selling their intellectual property — designed specifically to industry or functional specifications — to others with similar needs throughout the SAP ecosystem. For customers, especially small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), this new approach allows them to identify and quickly deploy analytic applications that are custom-tailored to their own distinct industry needs while also being affordable, offering fast time-to-value and keeping total cost of ownership low.

One customer benefitting from this new model is Laboratorios Industriales Farmacéuticos Ecuatorianos (LIFE), a pharmaceutical company located in Quito, Ecuador. LIFE implemented an industry-specific analytic application, Pharmaceutical Data Warehouse, from SAP partner Noux.

“This solution allows us to analyze the performance of any product line across the criteria defined in its scope,” said Ivan Beltran, managing director, LIFE. “Our executives now have a tool that makes their work more intellectual and strategic, rather than just operational.”

With the new go-to-market opportunities and revenue sources, partners can discover a larger market for solutions they have previously developed for their own customers. In addition, by offering those predefined or preconfigured industry or line-of-business analytic applications via the SAP® EcoHub site and the SAP® Channel Partner Portal, other resellers that are looking to expand to new markets can access affordable, prebuilt vertical and horizontal applications that they can sell.

“Infotrust’s BI Accelerator provides best-practice data models and semantic layers that help enterprises using MS Dynamics AX to implement business intelligence in weeks instead of months,” said Jørgen Sand Christensen, partner and alliance manager, Infotrust. “Customers can achieve fast time to value by plugging the ETL tool onto their data source and load data into the Infotrust data model. The rest has been pre-packaged in the BI Accelerator.”

SAP partners can use the SAP BusinessObjects solution portfolio to build predefined or preconfigured solutions. The program also encourages both SAP services partners and SAP software solution and technology partners to build and offer solutions via the infrastructure.

The solutions can contain content such as key performance indicators (KPIs), visualizations, best practices and data models. SAP channel partners and volume resellers that sell the solutions can use the program to gather expertise in new industries, reuse content to deliver tailored customer solutions and develop partner-to-partner relationships to help drive their business into new markets. Within the pilot program, 10 partners have built and sold solutions to customers globally in various industries, including automotive, banking, insurance, retail and utilities.

“The new build-and-sell model presents a compelling value proposition for all parties — customers, partners and SAP,” said Fritz Neumeyer, senior vice president, Volume Reseller and Services Partners, SAP. “This new approach supports partners in delivering repeatable and sustainable solutions that are quickly deployable for rapid return on investment. The solutions are built upon the power of partners’ industry or line-of-business expertise.”

Source: sap.com