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Нам нужно это сейчас!

6 марта 2012
Нам нужно это сейчас!
Сегодня Ребекка Вормляйтон, признанный эксперт в сфере бизнес аналитики, расскажет Вам, как получать, обрабатывать и анализировать все данные Ваших клиентов так быстро, что даже в нашем постоянно меняющемся мире они не утратят свою актуальность. (Блог опубликован на английском языке).

Implemented quickly and correctly, business analytics and data warehousing solutions can help your business identify new opportunities, respond to business situations faster and ultimately increase competitive advantage. So, it’s important that your business have the agility needed to quickly deploy and expand your business analytics and data warehousing infrastructure.
So, what’s stopping you? Most likely, it’s the fact that many business analytics and data warehousing projects are implemented at the departmental level. Each business group is therefore responsible for assessing their current capacity versus expanding requirements and each procures, acquires, installs, manages and trains an expanding user base on new hardware and software on their own.
This eats up a great deal of time, and in most cases, it also means you have to use additional staff and funding for any real value to be derived from the solution. And, because individual departments and units implement these solutions, it is difficult for them to take advantage of the experiences and best practices of other departments.

Perhaps this sounds familiar to you. If so, or if you are struggling with any other issues that could be resolved by greater data warehousing and business analytics agility, there is a solution.
Today, businesses like yours are successfully meeting and exceeding the expectations of a growing user base in a time frame that can aggressively optimize business performance. They are doing it by deploying IBM Business Analytics and Data Warehousing offerings on the IBM System z platform. Everyone from executives to data analysts to employees on the front line are gaining insight and foresight with real-time monitoring, reporting, analysis, dashboards, a robust set of predictive analytics and an enterprise data warehouse infrastructure designed for business analytics.
Because of the underlying System z infrastructure, a staged implementation for immediate business value is possible. You can start with your most critical issues and then position your solution to grow and evolve as your business and the market demands. The rapid deployment and expansion capabilities help ensure that your business analytics and data warehousing solution keeps pace with growing business user demands for a more modern data warehousing and business analytics experience by:

  • Minimizing time-intensive reengineering of your entire solution when deployment demands grow or change, which enables you to start with your final architecture
  • Implementing and expanding without time-consuming hardware acquisitions, software installations, network configurations, testing, training and administration.Enabling teams to learn from the experiences of other departments using the same solution
  • Facilitating staff proficiency in business analytics and data warehousing as their areas of expertise
  • Centralizing your administration staff so you can collect business requirements and implement them effectively

The result? IT can quickly provide the scalability, availability and performance that your business needs because the solution can quickly scale to accommodate growing batches of data and increases in business users without performance degradation. 

Source: ibm.com