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Почему сегодня мобильная аналитика настолько важна?

5 октября 2012 В современном изменчивом мире, где бизнес-среда меняется очень быстро, а информация может потерять ценность в течение суток, руководителям крупных компаний необходимо всегда быть в курсе дел и оперативно принимать правильные решения. А это значит – иметь доступ ко всем нужным данным в любое время, в любом месте. Решить все эти задачи Вам поможет мобильная аналитика. Почему она нынче необходима, читайте в материале консультанта компании SAP Мими Спир. (Материал опубликован на английском языке) For any executive or business manager, I ask—can you afford to be wrong or late when you make critical or even day-to-day decisions?

In today’s economic environment, most executives and managers say they can’t afford to be wrong. In fact, the pressure is on them, more than ever before, to have the pulse of the business at all times and take more control of business issues as they happen. As a result, most executives are shifting from relying on someone else to keep them abreast of what’s happening in the business, to having key information available on their iPad so they can answer questions themselves immediately.

This trend is dramatically changing the level of control executives have on their business and decisions made. However, what’s interesting is there is still a heavy emphasis on financial statements as the key driver in making important decisions.

A New World of Empowering the Field to Make Key Decisions

As managers and executives feel more in control of their business, they encourage more of their people to do the same. (I love this!) They want the people who are at the point of operations (when more decisions should be made) to make decisions (about their customers, products, suppliers, projects, compliance issues, etc.) in the moment as well.

Mobile analytics is the business tool to do all that—for all people. However, it requires a bit of a culture shift to live in the moment and not do analytics just on historical data. It also requires you to come out of email and text and use the information at your fingertips more often when faced with a decision.

People often ask me what’s going to have the most impact on organizations in the next two to five years. As the person responsible for mobile analytics at SAP, I’d like to say mobility. However, the real answer is people.

It’s people who will ultimately have the most dramatic impact on business—and with mobile technology, it’s more people than ever before.

This means while companies are thinking about going mobile for their enterprise, they can’t forget the transformation that must occur at the people and process level.

So I ask you to ask yourself…

When it comes to analytics, what are the five questions that, if answered, would dramatically impact my organization and decision making?

Now imagine if you could get those answers on your mobile device in a way that makes the most sense to you….

Source: the-decisionfactor.com