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Cognos Insight, Business Insight, Cognos Consumer Insight - в чем же разница?

8 мая 2012
Cognos Insight, Business Insight, Cognos Consumer Insight - в чем же разница?
Название новых продуктов из линейки Cognos и их особенности могут запутать не только новичков, но и опытных пользователей. Разнообразие этих продуктов значительно возросло со времен PowerPlay и Impromptu, что является отличной перспективой для дальнейшего развития функционала некоторых из них. (Новость опубликована на английском языке)
Newer product and feature names in Cognos can be mind boggling for both, the new user as well as the seasoned one. The width and depth of the Cognos series of products has increased enormously from the times of PowerPlay and Impromptu, giving way to multiple studios and more of them in the latest C10 release. Many factors contribute to such a growth. For example, acquisitions, new functionality, branding attempts or simply additions of products which tend to have the same end but different means.

So what are these products ? Are they related ?

Cognos Insight is IBM's product for the individual user. It is a great starting point to move from an ad-hoc tool like spreadsheets towards a platform based solution. It allows quick import of data, ad-hoc analysis, slicing and dicing, and so on. For complete information about that tool, please check here.

Business Insight (and Business Insight Advanced) are Cognos BI features. They are not products in themselves but are part of the BI platform. Business Insight is used to quickly create effective dashboards. Business Insight Advanced on the other hand is used to further manipulate the individual components of a dashboard, if the user wishes to. More information about these features can be found here.

IBM Cognos Consumer Insight enables marketing professionals to be more precise, agile and responsive to customer demands and opinions expressed through social media by analyzing large volumes of publicly available Internet content – and connecting seamlessly to IBM business analytic environments. More information about this product can be found here.

There seems to be no concrete relation between these products albeit seamless integration is a norm today and there might be a possibility of integration between these products and features. While there is no clarity as to whether this naming convention is a deliberate branding attempt by IBM Business Analytics, if that is indeed the case, there will be more Insights in the offing. For now of course, we have just these three to reckon.