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Решение от SAP по управлению эффективностью цепочек поставок

20 июля 2011 Волатильность спроса и предложения, наряду с комплексностью глобальных сетей, могут сделать процессы поставок более рискованными, чем когда-либо. Чтобы сохранить стабильную работу своего бизнеса, Вы должны оптимизировать работу цепей поставок в компании. Для этого необходимо четко понимать все процессы в цепи поставок и сделать данные прозрачными для каждого сотрудника организации. Статья на английском языке.

The SAP BusinessObjects Supply Chain Performance Management application provides visibility into performance metrics across the supply chain together with impact and root cause analysis that can help you measurably improve the effectiveness of your supply chain operations and better deliver on corporate mandates, such as lowering costs and improving return on working capital.

Relying on best-in-class technology, SAP BusinessObjects Supply Chain Performance Management includes preconfigured metrics, analytics, and dashboards that can help you reduce the cost, complexity, and risk of implementation.

Key features and functions include:

  • Business content – Prebuilt data integration and data models allow you to comply with leading frameworks, such as the supply chain operations reference (SCOR) model
  • Data extraction and transformation – Access data and gain insight more quickly, thanks to prebuilt integration with transactional systems and pre-calculation of metrics
  • Analysis and reporting – Produce more useful reports with semantically consistent navigation across information
  • Impact analysis – Qualify relationships among supply chain metrics

SAP BusinessObjects Supply Chain Performance Management is already helping a variety of best-in-class companies in industries – such as consumer products, manufacturing, high tech, oil and gas, and retail – maximize the power of their supply chain data to proactively identify new opportunities and minimize future bottlenecks and risks.

With this application, you gain:

  • Insight into operational and related financial performance while complying with performance management standards, leveraging standards-based end-to-end process support
  • Relevant and timely information with automated data collection derived from actual business processes
  • Full understanding of operational drivers, opportunity discovery, and timely awareness of deviations from performance targets, thanks to proactive diagnostics
  • Ability to react faster to problems and risks by understanding risks in the supply chain
  • Reduced cycle times and accelerated problem resolution through identification and resolution of problems

Source: sap.com