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Что нового в IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management V10

11 ноября 2011
Что нового в IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management V10
IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management V10 является наиболее полным, проверенным и мощным решением по упрапвлению мастер-даными на рынке. Сегодня IBM представляет Вам десятую версию этого решения, в которой объеденены передовые наработки в этой области. (Новость опубликована на английском языке).

IBM InfoSphere MDM V10 is a single offering with four editions:

  • IBM InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition – streamline workflow activities across users involved in authoring and defining information
  • IBM InfoSphere MDM Standard Edition – deliver business value for MDM projects with the quickest time to value
  • IBM InfoSphere MDM Advanced Edition – strategically transform your organization through improved business processes and applications
  • IBM InfoSphere MDM Enterprise Edition – address all your MDM needs with a single comprehensive solution

Significant enhancements include:

  • Master Data Engines are integrated: IBM InfoSphere MDM V10 uses common probabilistic matching and linking technology and integration among leading MDM engines. IBM InfoSphere MDM employs advanced statistical techniques and methods to automatically resolve and manage data quality issues.
  • MDM Application Toolkit: IBM InfoSphere MDM V10 uses a common application toolkit for UI generation and development. Organizations can create new lightweight MDM-powered applications that are specifically designed to manage newly accessible data and are the best way to increase the value of MDM. These applications are easily customizable to meet individual customer requirements.
  • MDM and BPM come together: IBM InfoSphere MDM V10 includes IBM BPM Express. The number one business driver for MDM is improving business processes. Organizations gain the most value from MDM when they consider a process view to identify the requirements for their MDM program. IBM BPM Express provides the capabilities necessary to implement policies and coordinate multi-step / multi-role workflow for data stewardship and data governance.

Source: ibm.com