FMCG forum "Corporate Performance Management and sustainable results: best practices"

November 30, 2010 Place: Kyiv, conference-hall of Hotel “RUS” Making a decision to buy something, consumers seldom believe in marketing slogans and bright labels. Clients more trust the information- how such questions their colleagues, partners, and competitors solve. Furthemore, such information is important in case of choice of data integration systems, analytical statements, planning and budgeting, separate cost accounting and consolidation of financial statements.

Understanding the how topical the issue of making a weighted decision is, Citia BTC with SAP Ukraine will hold  FMCG forum «Corporate Performance Management and sustainable results: best practices». The event will take place on November 30, 2010, at the conference-hall of  «Rus» hotel (vul. Gospitalna, 4).

The quintessence of the event is sharing knowledge and experience among colleagues at the same industry. The format of the event is best described as "colleagues for colleagues".

Maksim Bodaev, director for strategy development at Citia BTC:

«Solutions in the area of data-integration, business-analysis and corporate performance management  in Ukraine traditionally have been considered to be too expensive and its usage was limited to mobile operators, banks and large retail chains. However, this is an absolute truth: the efficiency of such solutions for FMCG manufacturers and distributions is hart to overestimate».

Project preparation - Mark Tapley. (Mark Tapley helps to solve topical issues of top managers by integration of world expert experience into Ukrainian business practice)


9.00 - 9.30Registration of participants, welcome coffee  
9.30 - 09.45Приветствие от организаторов.  
9.45 - 10.05Opening Pavel Ivanov
10.05 - 10.35Main tasks of FMCG COMPANIES and IT toolbars, which solve them Aleksey Necheporenko
10.35 - 10.50Coffe break  
10.50 - 11.35Presentation and Demonstration of SAP BusinessObjects BIP products. Victor Chayun
Citia BTC
11.35 - 12.20BI-case Andrey Kurilenko
Citia BTC
12.20 - 13.20Lunch  
13.20 - 14.05CaseMareven Food Central (ТМ «Rolton»). Andrey Sorokin
Mareven Food Central
14.05 - 14.50Presentation and demonstration of SAP BusinessObjects EPM products Andrey Lazeba
SAPRAN Ukraine
14.50 -15.05Coffee break  
15.05 -15.50"Perekrestok" case Aleksey Ammosov
Deloyt and Toosh, CIS
15:50 - 16:35Presentation of SAP BusinessObjects EIM products. Vladimir Sidorenko
Citia BTC
16:35 - 17:20Case Sovkomflot. Aleksey Kulakov