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Преимущества локационной мобильной аналитики

19 июня 2013 Подавляющее большинство современных мобильных устройств оможет похвастаться наличием встроенных GPS технологий. Статистика показывает, что в среднем 80% из всех накапливаемых компаниями Больших Данных имеют локационные сведения о клиентах: координаты местонахождения, их адреса, и даже повадки ежедневного передвижения. В сочетании с операционными данными бизнеса, локационные данные о клиентах могут помочь увеличить продуктивность и эффективность компании в целом. (Материал опубликован на английском языке)
Location intelligence exists to combine business and location data together to analyze spatial relationships that aren’t easily uncovered using traditional business analytics. Google Maps has been commoditized as a standard for navigating and visualizing geographic information in the consumer market and increasingly, in the enterprise. Thanks to embedded GPS, smart phones and tablets create the perfect opportunity for actionable, location-aware analysis. These GPS-enabled map services can provide much more than just pins on a map. Directions, collaboration, and tracking are important features that add utility to location intelligence apps.

Location Aware Apps Increase Productivity

Mobile workers need to understand where assets, events, and exceptions are located. While this information is easily accessible from traditional reports solutions, prioritization by geographic proximity is only possible via GPS-enabled devices, and is best visualized spatially. Today’s location aware apps should increase productivity as workers spend less time gathering information and more time executing by selling, repairing, delivering, managing, or any other host of tasks accomplished on the road. Arming your business with actionable information on-device can provide critical information to save time, improve prioritization, or drive better decisions– all which impact your organization’s bottom line.

Real World Value of Location Intelligence

Organizations with traveling sales professionals often struggle in the field organizing and prioritizing customers. As conditions change throughout the day in the field, sales reps who have constant access to their territory can analyze and re-prioritize to maximize their time. If, for example, all of your sales reps could visit a few extra customers a week and/or proactively make decisions with up-to-the-minute data, the impact on the “bottom line” could potentially be substantial. While mobile reporting tools can relay data using charts and tables, location intelligence presents the opportunity for a sales workforce to harness geographic proximity in new ways, thus providing a new layer of intelligence into the decision-making process.

View this video to learn more about mobile location analytics:

Source:  sap.com