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Удовлетворение клиентов благодаря разумному подходу к управлению мастер-данными

28 августа 2013 Современные инструменты управления данными способствуют созданию позитивных впечатлений у клиентов. Но в то время как большинство управленцев понимают важность создания положительных эмоций у клиентов от взаимодействия с компанией, ИТ-инфраструктуры многих организаций не способны поддерживать инициативы по управлению клиентским опытом на техническом уровне. Читайте как подготовить инфраструктуру компании к реализации проектов по улучшению клиентского опыта и какую роль мастер-данные играют в данном процессе. (Материал опубликован на английском языке)
Modern Data Management Is Vital to Delivering Great Customer Experiences.  Business executives know that delivering a great customer experience is critical to a company’s competitive advantage and bottom-line results. Yet, many organizations lack the modern data and analytics infrastructure needed to better understand and serve their customers and to maximize the value from all of the customer data exploding around us.

Organizations face a complex and growing challenge in establishing the data foundation required to deliver the very best customer experiences. In the age of the connected customer, data sources are no longer limited to in-person transactions, the phone, email, and other traditional channels. They now include the web, social media, mobile apps, and much more.
Customer data changes constantly and grows rapidly, impacting the accuracy of customer and product information and, ultimately, the customer experience. Organizations must manage the increasing volume, velocity, and variety of data, much of which originates outside the enterprise.

What’s needed is a comprehensive, modern big data infrastructure, where all types of internal and external data can be aggregated, organized, analyzed, and applied at every customer touch point. That makes it possible to present precise, real-time offers based on an accurate understanding and predictions of customer behavior and ensure that the right products are available at the right time and place.

This unprecedented degree of dynamic personalization requires integrated processes, tools, and high performance systems, and—this is key—a well-conceived plan for Master Data Management (MDM). MDM solutions are essential because they tie together all kinds of structured and unstructured data to create a 360-degree view of the customer. That way, businesses can deliver targeted promotions and recommendations for up-selling and cross-selling, thereby helping to increase revenue, reduce churn, and increase engagement.

Oracle’s MDM product line is the most complete on the market, supporting all data types, including social and mobile, and giving businesses a comprehensive view of customer and other enterprise data. Oracle’s MDM products reduce the complexity of maintaining clean, accurate data, so organizations can forge ahead with a trusted, central source of customer information. And, because Oracle’s MDM and customer experience (CX) solutions are tightly integrated, it’s much easier to create the consistent, connected, personalized experiences that customers want.

Oracle is pleased to sponsor this white paper from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. In the era of the empowered customer a well-executed CX strategy has become the primary differentiator and driver of business value. Oracle is committed to helping organizations succeed with their CX initiatives and capitalize on the promise of unsurpassed customer experiences.

Source:  oracle.com
Delivering on the Promise of Great Customer ExperiencesБрошюра компании Oracle на английском языке
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