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Преимущества интеграции систем управления мастер-данными (MDM) и управления бизнес-процессами (BPM)

10 апреля 2013 Знакома ли Вам ситуация, когда некорректная интерпретация идентичных данных сотрудниками одной компании доводила к составлению совершенно разных отчетов по одним и тем же вопросам? Каким образом, спросите Вы, такое возможно, если сотрудники руководствуются одинаковыми данными? Существует множество причин подобным разногласиям, одна из которых – отсутствие так называемой «абсолютной правды». Сотрудники должны доверять информации для того, чтобы принимать верные решения. (Материал опубликован на английском языке)
Three steps to trusted data and increased business value

Have your eyes already skipped down to FINDING YOUR SOLUTION?  OK, you can jump there if you want, but then come on back here and get the rest of the story!

To help them with their mission, along came Master Data Management (MDM) – STEP 1.  Well, partially. They quickly found that to maintain their master data they needed a strong program for data governance and stewardship.  With that in place, they can take a huge first step towards better informed decisions.

Assume they now have trusted data, so they must have increased business value - correct? Well, it sure helps.  But (here it is again) they also really need to focus on those critical business processes that are required for efficiently running and managing the business.  And so, enter Business Process Management (BPM) – STEP 2.  With these two initiatives, the business will surely run more efficiently.  Well, yes!

But (one more time) if those two initiatives are running independently, there is still more efficiency to be had – which can lead to even greater rewards.

So here we are at STEP 3, the place where they tie a bow around what they have done.  And that bow is called integration!  Hopefully we can all agree that the synergy of the two initiatives working together can bring more value than the sum of the two when working independently.  Here that synergy involves such things as policy monitoring, management and enforcement that can take data quality and business process efficiency to the next level – along with bringing many additional benefits.

Want to learn more about how to start getting those benefits and that added value?  Here’s how to FIND YOUR SOLUTION

There is a new IBM Redbooks publication available called "Aligning MDM and BPM for master data governance, stewardship, and enterprise processes" SG24-8059. In this publication we describe an approach to an integrated solution of MDM and BPM - and it can be downloaded for free from the ITSO Redbooks web site.

Source:  ibm.com