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Oracle – лидирующий поставщик решений бизнес-аналитики для компаний – представителей отрасли телекоммуникаций

17 мая 2013 Независимая международная исследовательская компания Ovum назвала компанию Oracle одним из лидирующих поставщиков решений бизнес-аналитики и BI. В Компании отмечают, что решение Oracle Communications Data Model уникально для провайдеров связи тем, что позволяет собирать, хранить и анализировать информацию, обеспечивая всестороннее понимание клиентов и проведенных ими операций. Ознакомиться с полной версией отчета на английском языке вы можете на нашем сайте.
In the report, Ovum positioned vendors in one of three categories – leaders, challengers or followers. Companies were considered for inclusion in the report if they offered an integrated, pre-built business intelligence (BI) solution for communications service providers (CSPs) that can manage raw data and generate reports. Companies also needed to derive a majority of growth from license revenue and have significant brand awareness level among CSPs in multiple regions.

Oracle Communications Data Model is a TM Forum Frameworx-certified solution built to help CSPs easily collect and analyze customer data required to make customer management, marketing, network deployment and product development decisions.

Ovum Analyst Report Details
  • Market Leadership: Ovum defines a leader as a solution that “deserve[s] a place on most technology selection shortlists. Vendors in the category have established a commanding market position with a product or products widely accepted as best of breed.”
  • 360-Degree View: Among the leaders, Oracle scored highest on enabling a 360-degree view of customers. In its assessment of Oracle, the market analyst said “Ovum believes that telcos considering moving beyond departmental analytics to enterprise-wide analytics should consider Oracle.”
  • Product Quality: Oracle received high marks for the solution’s overall functionality and aesthetics. “The solution is intuitive and user friendly, which makes is easy for non-technical users to create and analyze reports quickly,” said the report.
  • Strategy and Execution: Ovum rated Oracle’s position to develop and execute product strategy highly, noting “Oracle appears to be in the best position among BI mega-vendors to serve a variety of analytic requests, from ad-hoc to structured, with closely integrated infrastructure and tools that share interfaces and metadata.”
  • Pre-Built Applications: Ovum notes that Oracle Communications Data Model is “one of the most sophisticated and all-encompassing pre-built models available to telcos today.” The solution’s pre-built capabilities and applications – which support functions such as network analysis and customer retention – are designed to meet CSP-specific needs.
Oracle Communications Data Model Details
  • Oracle Communications Data Model is a pre-built communications industry–specific data warehouse designed to address the needs of multiple industry segments, including fixed, mobile, and cable.
  • Oracle Communications Data Model supports faster time to actionable information with prebuilt adapters, schema, analytics and dashboards and is designed to address all aspects of a service provider’s business – from customer care to the network.

Source:  oracle.com
Ovum Decision Matrix: Business Intelligence and Analytics for TelcosОтчет компании Ovum на английском языке
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