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Компания IDC оценила мировой рынок BI-инструментов за 2010 год в 8.6 миллиарда долларов

28 июля 2011 В июне 2011 года IDC опубликовала Отчет по Мировому Рынку Инструментов Бизнес-аналитики за 2010 год. Данный отчет включает в себя анализ доходов и долю рынка поставщиков BI-инструментов. Статья написана на английском языке.

The key highlights from this report are:

  • The BI tools market is nearly USD $9 billion in size. In 2010, the BI tools market reached $8.9 billion in software license and maintenance revenue (including subscription revenue from SaaS offerings). The market grew 11.4% in 2010 compared with 2.0% in 2009. This growth was higher than IDC expected due to better-than-expected worldwide economic activity.
  • The top 10 vendors account for more than 75% of the market. The top ten vendors comprised 75.3% of the market, up from 57.9% in 2003. According to IDC, the top 10 vendors in the worldwide BI tools market by revenue (2008-2010) are SAP, IBM, SAS, Oracle, Microsoft, MicroStrategy, QlikTech (yippee!), Information Builders, Actuate, and Panorama Software.
  • Most of the action is in end-user query, reporting, and analysis tools. The end-user query, reporting, and analysis segment of the market (which includes QlikTech) outpaced the growth of the advanced analytics segment of the market. The end-user query, reporting, and analysis tools represented 81.3% of the total BI tools market and grew at 12% in 2010. IDC found that in this segment, vendors including QlikTech “significantly outpaced the growth of the market.”
  • Simplicity is king. In 2010, the market saw incremental improvements to BI tools in the areas of simplicity―which primarily meant improvements in user interfaces, interactivity, and administration. This is certainly true for QlikView. One of the key themes in QlikView 10, which we released in October, 2010, was “easier to use.” (Click here to download the data sheet “What’s New in QlikView 10.”)

Looking ahead: the future of BI is bright

Based on trends he’s seeing in the BI tools market, in this report IDC analyst Dan Vesset called out a few themes that are also important to us at QlikTech. He commented that the influence of the cloud computing model’s focus on simplicity, and the increasing buying influence of business users, will grow. Demand for mobile BI will grow also, but organizations will demand BI tools that support specific use cases, rather than just support for various devices.

“Mobile BI,” he wrote, “will be driven by the need for mobile workers to participate in specific, collaborative business processes and ad hoc approval workflows for tactical decision making.” And he said that “collaborative and social decision making” (the discipline formerly known as knowledge management) will spur new investments in collaborative BI tools―music to our ears, to be sure.


Source: itwire.com

Worldwide Business Intelligence Tools 2010 Vendor Shares report Download the full report here
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